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    The Trade: Phoenix trades PG Steve Nash toward Los Angeles Lakers; Los Angeles trades C Andrew Bynum to Houston; Houston trades SG Courtney Lee, PG Jonny Flynn and C Hasheem Thabeet to Phoenix as well as a potential first-round assortment to Los Angeles
    Synopsis: that is maybe the best buy and sell from the scenarios and I think a comparable offer could happen.
    After getting robbed over the NBA of the acquisition of Chris Paul, the Lakers have struggled all period of your time at point guard. Frankly, an growing old Derek Fisher as well as a mediocre Steve Blake just aren't slicing it in Los Angeles. They need a point shield if they want any wish of successful a championship this season.
    That's in which Steve Nash arrives in. The inclusion of Nash would create up a deadly mixture with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol and would advantage them much over they would actually think.
    Of course, the Lakers would need to provide up somebody on this deal, which could be Andrew Bynum, who may be shopped near to lately. In that Paul trade, the Rockets would have obtained Pau Gasol, but on this scenario, they'd need to settle for Bynum, who consists of a scaled-down arrangement and is also more youthful compared to Spaniard.
    A frontcourt consisting of Luis Scola and Bynum would give Houston among probably the most effective all through the whole NBA. and also to not mention, they'd also have Samuel Dalembert and prospect Jordan Hill coming away the bench. That could be the buy and sell that could obtain the Rockets all through the playoffs.
    In purchase to acquire Bynum, the Rockets would need to relieve by themselves of some hat space. Courtney Lee, who may be theme to buy and sell rumors as of late, can be sent to Phoenix, jointly with previous lottery assortment Jonny Flynn along using the extraordinary bust, Hasheem Thabeet. They would also send out a potential first-round assortment to L.A. as well.
    Flynn would almost certainly presume the commencing part in Phoenix, which could salvage his somewhat disappointing career. The Suns' plan would almost certainly suit Flynn's game, and he could flourish to the participant all of us expected.
    This feasible buy and sell benefits just about every team, as Phoenix obtains younger, the Lakers obtain a point shield along using the Rockets acquire a enormous frontcourt presence.

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